Class ChangeSpatialPreviewHandler


public class ChangeSpatialPreviewHandler extends Object
Handler fro preview spatial change UI.
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    • setCells

      public void setCells(List<Cell> cells)
    • setZoneMap

      public void setZoneMap(Map<Zone,List<Cell>> zoneMap)
    • setPortMap

      public void setPortMap(Map<Port,Cell> portMap)
    • setNewFisheryRegion

      public void setNewFisheryRegion(FisheryRegion newFisheryRegion)
    • setOldFisheryRegion

      public void setOldFisheryRegion(FisheryRegion oldFisheryRegion)
    • completeSetup

      public void completeSetup()
    • initMapClick

      protected void initMapClick()
      Configure click behaviour on maps.
    • initMapProviders

      protected void initMapProviders()
      Configure data provider for maps.
    • currentZoneChanged

      public void currentZoneChanged()
      Action when a zone is selected in combo.
    • updateZoneCellDetails

      protected void updateZoneCellDetails()
    • cellToString

      protected String cellToString(List<Cell> cells)
    • currentPortChanged

      public void currentPortChanged()
      Action when a port is selected in combo.
    • updatePortCellDetails

      protected void updatePortCellDetails()
    • valid

      public void valid()
      Ask fro user to perform database change and commit.
    • close

      public void close()
      Cancel and close UI.
    • swapPortAndZoneCells

      protected void swapPortAndZoneCells()
      Perform swap in database between current cell and new cell for zone and region.